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Scrambled Eggs with Black Truffles (Oeufs brouillés aux truffes)

This is the French truffler-hunter's breakfast: an economical use of such an expensive resource since the truffle itself can be sold in the market the following day.  

Serves 4


8 perfectly fresh free-range eggs

1 fresh black truffle (about 50g-75g)

100g (4oz) unsalted butter

Salt and pepper

To finish:

25g (2 oz) unsalted cold butter, diced small


Bury the truffle in the eggs overnight in a stoppered jar. Next day, brush any soil off the truffle  - don't rinse unless this is really necessary - and sliver into fine matchsticks.  Crack the eggs into a bowl and fork them briefly to blend - don't beat. Season with salt and pepper. 


Melt the butter gently in a heavy pan. When it froths - don't let it brown - add the matchsticked truffle and toss it over the heat for 1 minute, no more.  Stir in the eggs and cook the mixture very gently, moving the base with a wooden spoon, till it forms creamy curds.


Remove from the heat immediately and dot with little flakes of cold butter. Serve on warm plates, with fresh baguette or croutons fried crisp in butter.


Recipe from Truffles. 

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